Informatics Squared, Inc. is a consulting firm that offers informatics expertise on-demand. We work with health information technology companies, consultants, and others who may require informatics expertise in areas such as: 

  • Database design/development
  • Software development assistance
  • Informatics training for technical and clinical staff
  • Process/workflow analysis.

                Expertise when you need it.

Software Development Assistance

We offer help with your project with flexible arrangements that meet your needs.

  • Use case development
  • Requirements analysis
  • Workflow analysis
  • Domain analysis & modeling

Electronic Health Records, Second Edition 

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Informatics On-Demand

We can offer training experiences to help your company develop its in-house informatics capability. Expertise when you need it, hassle-free.

  • Seminars & Presentations
  • Educational Programs                     


Many growing companies cannot afford in-house informatics expertise. That is where Informatics Squared, Inc. can help. We are avaliable for a few days or as long as you need us.